Restore Something!

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Restore your data!

(Making sure you have good backups and helping to restore from them if necessary is one of the many computer services that we provide. Contact us here for backup help!)

It’s not uncommon for me to remind people to make (more) backups. Something to remember is that you also need to RESTORE something on a regular basis. It doesn’t do much good to make backups if you can’t restore anything from them!

Some examples for why this is necessary are:

  • In one instance a nice young lady, confident in her regularly scheduled backups that she had setup a year or so ago was distraught to find that the backup drive had stopped functioning a few months prior to the hard drive crash she experienced earlier on this particular day.
  • In a similar way, another person I met assumed that their backups were working wonderfully but was alarmed to find that the USB port on their computer stopped working properly and, as a result, the backups weren’t being made to the backup device connected to that particular USB port.

Taking the time to restore a file or two from your backup is a good investment in verifying the safety and security of your data.

Contact us for assistance with your backup program!